Intercrew, the leading temporary employment agency for the Zeeland ports

Intercrew have been operating from our base in Zeeland since 2011 as a leading provider of temporary labour for ports, stores, transport, logistics and petrochemicals. Intercrew combine quality, service and safety with competitive rates and a personal approach. We provide tailored services to clients, we work around the clock and we strive to achieve total flexibility.

All agency staff hold the required certification and are provided with appropriate safety clothing. We are members of the NBBU and provide our workers with a wide range of training opportunities.

Why work with a temporary employment agency?

  • To cope with sudden peaks;
  • Flexible solutions;
  • Rapid deployment;
  • Staff are professionally supervised;
  • Possibility of a smooth transition to a permanent position.

Our Mission and Objectives

  • Guaranteed quality through outstanding service provision;
  • An experienced and highly motivated team;
  • Innovation, through continuous investment in people and equipment;
  • Minimal administrative overhead;
  • Safety always comes first!

You know you are doing right by your business with agency staff from Intercrew!


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