Is your business looking for staff?

Most of the businesses we supply have worked with us for years. That says a lot! Intercrew have a reputation as a reliable business who take safety seriously and make good any agreements. We will make every effort to satisfy your staffing requirements, whether long or short term.

Intercrew have an extensive network of contacts in the port, maritime and logistics sectors, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer's needs and to deploy suitable personnel with the right qualifications within the shortest possible timeframe.

Why choose agency staff?

Businesses call in agency workers for a variety of reasons:

  • To cover temporary peaks in workload;
  • To replace a departing member of staff;
  • When a longstanding employee comes to the end of his or her career;
  • When taking on unusual work.

We offer:

  • Extensive experience in shipping, logistics and production;
  • 24/7 availability;
  • Highly skilled, well-qualified personnel;
  • We take care of the admin;
  • Transport provided for personnel.

Dock workers

Looking for qualified dock workers? Intercrew have a large pool of dock workers immediately available for long or short term deployment. Our enthusiastic staff all hold basic VCA safety certification, supplemented in many cases with VCA Safety for Operational Managers (VOL-VCA) certification.

Forklift truck drivers

Our forklift drivers take their work seriously and put safety first. All forklift truck drivers hold a current forklift truck certificate and the VCA diploma. They have extensive experience in the transportation of loads in the shipping, logistics and industrial sectors.



Looking for good welders? Experienced and qualified welders are not easy to find. Intercrew provide businesses with the opportunity to hire in our welders for projects in ports, in petrochemicals, in industry or offshore. All our welders are fully experienced and hold the necessary certification and the VCA diploma.


Fire watchers

We can provide enthusiastic and dedicated fire watchers for projects in ports and industry. They are thoroughly experienced and hold all the necessary qualifications and certificates. Fire watchers monitor the workplace and ensure compliance with safety procedures relating to the work and personal protective equipment.


Production staff

If you are looking for additional manpower for your production process, Intercrew are the partners you need. Our production staff are reliable, flexible and available for rapid deployment. Their experience in this field of work means that you will lose little time familiarising them with your operations, so that your production will quickly be back on track.


Looking for staff?

Part time personnel on a flexible or project basis can provide the ideal support to your business. Are you looking for temporary staff in shipping, industry, chemicals or production? Don't delay, contact us today. We are solutions-orientated, we have a substantial network of contacts and we move quickly, so that the staff you need can be working with you in the shortest possible time.


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