Service provision from Intercrew

Temporary staff

Intercrew is a temp agency specialising in the shipping industry, and we are very good at what we do! We supply qualified and certified personnel, primarily to the port and manufacturing sectors. We work around the clock, equipping us to respond to customer's requirements within the shortest possible time frame.


Recruitment and selection

If you're looking for staff with the right training, the right experience and a positive attitude, contact Intercrew. Our expertise, our extensive network of contacts and our professional approach all equip us to make the right match between the customer and the temp worker.


Temporary attachments

The great advantage of working with temporarily attached staff via Intercrew is that you can quickly and easily have access to the qualified staff you need. Our personnel have built up valuable experience and expertise by working in a wide range of businesses. We can provide you with either groups or individual staff on temporary attachment. We will provide the professional you need for a fixed period. Temporary attachment is a great solution when you need to replace someone on sick leave or when you need additional support during busy periods.


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